Friday, November 21, 2008

My Mission Statement

You go to pastors, and hear them talk about all the programs and all the numbers
and the money and all the buildings. But you almost never hear them talk
about how the lives of their people were so demonstrably different that people
had to pay attention to the cause of Christ and take it seriously.
George Barna

Until the day I die, my purpose is to be so demonstrably different that people pay attention to the cause of Christ and take Him seriously.
That means:
1. My prayer life must be always first—I must seek out Jesus in my life, my relationships, and my work. Seek FIRST the Kingdom.
2. My submission and obedience to the Lord must grow—I must trust the Word and the Holy Spirit more deeply each day so that I decrease, and He increases in me.
3. I must accept suffering, loss, humiliation as the simple cost of taking the journey. There is no resurrection without crucifixion—there is no crucifixion without pain.
4. I must fight with endurance against all the forces within me, within my culture, from my past that would pull me away from my call—I must put the world behind me if I am to keep the cross before me.
5. I must engage the world and the worldly as Jesus did—in simple authentic truth. I must accept their rejection or acceptance with my eyes firmly on Jesus, never on me.
6. I must lead others to pursue this same course with passionate conviction, so that the presence of Jesus Christ can once again be felt within this culture.

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