Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hope Within Us

As Toby Brown hangs up his blogging suit, I guess it's time to try one on for size. There is too much hot air out there right now in the PC(USA), and not enough light. I hope that this blog will be salt and light to all who trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and who seek to serve Him in Dallas and beyond.
The Trinity River is the "great divide" in Dallas between rich and poor, brown skin and white skin, the comfortable past of a homogenous culture, and the thrilling adventure of the hodgepodge of cultures which is (and will soon be in all of this country) our current context. South of the Trinity is seen as a dangerous place by those who live north of it. For those of us who love the adventure that living here brings, we offer no apologies.
We are the future of America-- where there is no cultural majority, where we must learn to love one another or we will die, where the politics of division is a poison to be counteracted rather than a means to a chosen end.
We at OCPC are also a minority; we are a growing congregation inside the PC(USA). Christ is on the move here, and we will not apologize for what He is doing. As a congregation that has been desegregated (50% Anglo, 50% African-American) for 30 years, we are becoming a congregation integrated in Christ as brothers and sisters, reaching out to our Hispanic new neighbors, and watching the Lord provide the growth.
Welcome to the right side of the Trinity. God is not done with Oak Cliff, or the PC(USA) yet. Let's see where the Lord of the Church and His sword, the Word of God, shall point and lead.


  1. Clay,
    Do tell more about the saints at Oak Cliff, and what God is doing in your midst.

    grace & peace,

  2. God's Word tells us that the people
    will perish from lack of vision and knowledge. Oak Cliff has the vision and God will provide the knowledge and wisdom to break down
    the dividing walls and barriers that keep His children from loving,
    helping, serving each other in His Name. There is no right side of the Trinity when we are on God's side and He is on ours. GO OAK CLIFF FOR JESUS! Amen!

  3. Is Oak Cliff where Roy Zuefeldt served back in the late 70's. I served First Central in Abilene as Associate from 80-84 and loved being in Texas.

    I've added your blog to my igoogle so I'll look forward to reading your thoughts.


  4. Thanks for stopping by my place with an entry in the Annoying Presby-Phrases contest. And welcome to the blogosphere, Clay!

  5. Clay! So great to see you off to such a strong start!

    My dad was baptized in your church in 1944 and he grew up in that neighborhood. Many fond memories of Oak Cliff! I was also privileged to meet some of your knowledgeable elders at a PFR conference at Highland Park PC a few years back.

    I'll be reading. And, praying for your congregation's ministry!