Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Prayers Appreciated

Hey out there in cyberspace--
Six months flies by quickly. It's time to find out how Nell's surgery is working, so tomorrow we go in at 7am for the next MRI, and then have doctors read the results. What a blessing it is that now the scans are all electronic, not film. So, we turn another corner tomorrow, and we get to see where the path leads this time.
Everything we see is good, but...I've been surprised too many times turning corners to let my guard down too far. Tomorrow, we will see....

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  1. Clay, I thank the Lord every day for all 5 of you, but I will do lots of praying starting now for tomorrow. 6 months does fly by. It seems like yesterday we were waiting in the waiting room for the report of the doctor.

    In Christ's Love,