Thursday, April 9, 2009

Death is Dead, and Dying is Bearable

Faith without deeds is non-existent; we prove what we believe by how we live. I had a chance to see Keith Green on Viola Larson's blog and I was reminded of the joy of giving my life away to Jesus Christ, day by day, moment by moment.

We know this joy as children-- when we assume our dependence, and the dependability of those who love us. But knowledge is a dangerous thing-- we learn that we cannot depend on those who love us-- they fail us; they are human, after all. And we retreat into an impossible search for safety-- security-- insurance that somehow this world will not destroy us.

But Jesus says, we must enter into the Kingdom as little children-- assuming our dependence, and the dependability of Him who has proved His love for us. It is in that joyful, expectant letting go that worship finds its passion and power; it is that absolute dependence that keeps our hearts open to Christ and to one another.

It is no accident that so few in this society know what it is to love, and to be loved. We are not mirrors for one another, so that we can regard ourselves in another's eyes. We are not valuable because we can protect, provide, or get the right answer. Our fear of the stranger, our need to surround ourselves with those who agree with us, our never-ending battle with the chaotic consequences of time are all searches for what we most need, and do not know how to find.

Watching Keith Green, I was reminded of what we can be when, like little children, we leap into the abyss, knowing that somewhere in the shadows are the strong arms of Christ, who never fails to catch one of His own. Jesus's invitation is simple, and almost impossible for American ears to hear anymore: "Come and die with me."

You cannot preserve, or even really protect your life. Stop trying. The highest walls you can build do nothing more than leave you alone with the beast that you most fear: death. Die with Christ. Let your life go. If there is any better day to die, I don't know what day that would be. Jesus lives! What do you have to lose? Sinners of the world unite-- all you have to lose is your chains.

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  1. Clay, as I read this post, I immediately thought of little Anna's face as she ran up to her daddy last night and hugged his leg with a smile that glowed with LOVE! She could not see his face, only his leg. But, she knew that he loved her and she was safe with him. We are born with that love, but as we are hurt and learn that love can hurt and love is suffering, we seem to forget what we had. But we can remember and feel that LOVE that comes from Jesus and know that to die with Him is to receive His Gift of LOVE and Eternal life. You are so right - all we have to lose is our chains. Today seems like as good a day to die as any! God Bless you for reminding us and leading us!

    In Christ's Love!