Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Nell is out of ICU, eating and drinking, putting on her clothes, getting her IV's out, and getting ready to come home, maybe even tomorrow. I thought that just having her ok today was enough, but God has given us more than we could expect or deserve.
Some have been asking me, "do you HAVE to preach tonight, on Christmas Eve?" Yes, I have to preach-- if I didn't I would explode from the need to praise Christ my Lord, to share His love, and to declare His presence.
Emmanuel, You have proved Your name once again. You are God with me, with Nell-- with all of us. Come, Lord, into the heart of every person who darkens the door of any place of worship this night, and fill them with Your light, Your love, Your life, so that this Christmas may be for them what it is for us-- a celebration of joy for hope that cannot fail, life that cannot die, truth that cannot change, family that cannot dissolve. Bring them into Your presence, O Lord, and make them part of Your family not just for one holiday-- make every day they live holy, set apart for You. Thank you, Lord for giving more than I deserve or could ask. Merry Christmas to each of you out there, and for anyone reading this who is privileged to preach tonight-- bring them to Jesus.


  1. A bit of calm from the storm and a bit of excitement in the air...sounds like Christmas Eve. And again, a babe is delivered! Praise the Lord, INDEED!!

    Jeff & Denice Skinner

  2. What a celebration of Love this Christmas will be for all of you and for your congregation! "Fall on your knees - o hear the angel voices! O night divine!"
    Truly, merry Christmas to you Clay, Nell, Martha, Ruth, Jack.

    Dee and Bruce

  3. Whohoo!!! what a great celebration for you all. I will sing the glories of our God to the rafters tonight. Have a great Christmas but I don't know how it could be much better.


  4. Praise the lord for all god had done! Nell is blessed and we all know it!. I love all of you. Clare Alsup